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Jacksonville Woodlands Trail 2013

No animals of note, but lots of wildflowers:


Crater Lake National Park/Plaikni Falls Hiking Trail

I went with family to Crater Lake National Park and went down the latest trail opened to the public, Plaikni Falls Hiking Trail, which is off of Pinnacles Road which in turn is off of the East Rim Drive.

It was a gorgeous day, perfect to visit. Flowers were in bloom this late in the summer thanks to the long winter.

Roxy Ann Peak

A view from the north side of the peak.

One of the antennas familiar to residents of the Rogue Valley.

Despite the haze, Mount McLaughlin is still visible from both sides of Roxy Ann Peak.

Mule’s ear also thrive in this area.

Camus plants live up here.

Sharon decides to take a break.

Another view of the valley.

Yours truly looks like shit, as always.

Sharon poses in near the edge.

It was a bit hazy today, but what a view of the valley!

Today my sister and I hiked up to the top of Roxy Ann Peak, which overlooks the Rogue River Valley. The hike is strenuous in places, but it is worthwhile. The view of the valley looks almost like seeing it from a landing plane.

From Wikipedia:

Roxy Ann Peak is a mountain in the western Cascade Range which may be of volcanic origin. It is located at the eastern edge of Medford, Oregon. The peak is approximately 30 million years old. It rises 3,573 feet (1,089 m) above sea level, and over 2,000 feet (610 m) above the surrounding Rogue Valley.[4] It was named after Roxy Ann Bowen, an early settler of the mountain.

Lower Table Rock, Southern Oregon

Today I went up to Lower Table Rock. There were scads and scads of wildflowers, and there were some vernal pools that had not yet evaporated. It was difficult to see the rare vernal pool fairy shrimp, but I did get some pictures of tadpoles. Mount McLaughlin is in the background of a few of these pictures.

Upper Table Rock Hike

I just returned from a hike at Upper Table Rock near Medford, Oregon. It is very pretty this time of year, with wildflowers in abundance. People were also in abundance today enjoying the scenery. However, I didn’t see any fairy shrimp for the vernal pools have evaporated until the next rain. When that happens, the eggs laid by the female shrimp will hatch and the cycle begins anew.

The little white flowers I believe are the drawf woolly meadowfoam plants, which are not found anywhere else in the world except the Table Rocks.

There were many hawks flying around looking for food. There were a couple of vultures, but mostly there were hawks. I managed to get a couple of pictures of a couple of them in flight.

Eventually I will make a Blurb “book” from these pictures.

Tahoe Rim Trail–Tahoe City, California

Today I went to Tahoe City and went up the “easy” trail on the Tahoe Rim Trail for about three miles up and three miles back. I took several pictures of the lake, of the trail, and of a lizard. It is a very pretty trail.

What’s laughable is these hikes at 6,000-7,000 or more feet are considered “easy.” They aren’t because of the altitude.

Lighthouse-Rubicon Trail, Lake Tahoe, California

I like this picture best of all.

Lighthouse from below.

The Lighthouse, which looks more like an outhouse. It is very small.

Yesterday I went to D.L. Bliss State Park near Emerald Bay on the California side of Lake Tahoe. I hiked down the Rubicon Trail to the Lighthouse, which looks like an outhouse, to be perfectly honest, and then I continued around the loop. I started hiking on the trail to Emerald Bay, but about a half mile down I saw a little bear, larger than a cub but nonetheless small, tearing up a log for food, I guess. Since I didn’t want to tempt fate, I walked back up the trail. Unfortunately I didn’t get my cameras out to get a still or video of it. By the time I thought of doing so, the bear saw me.